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VIDEO: The Orgasm Gap

Let's talk about consent. What is and isn't consent? How can I communicate with my partner about it? (TW: mentions of sexual nature, assault, rape)

This article offers a glimpse of what consent looks like. Consent is an ongoing communication of boundaries and comfort. If you're unsure what to consider consent or not, this article will give you pointers on how to communicate effectively with your partner. (TW: mentions of sexual nature, assault, violence & rape) 

This is a resource if you are curious to know more about the legal definitions for sexual assault, rape, and sexual abuse. This article also mentions the capacity of consent. Help is always available if you need it. (TW: mentions of sexual nature, assault, violence & rape) 

One of the many important things about sex is having it safely. This article discusses how to have safe sex, and how to talk about it with your partner. (TW: mentions of sexual nature)

What is the orgasm gap? How can we close it? Why does it take longer for females to orgasm? (TW: mentions of sexual nature, orgasm) 

ARTICLE: Bad Sex and the Orgasm Gap – Dr. Eve

This article talks about the unfortunate truth about the female orgasm. There are statistics at the bottom that display the unfortunate truth about foreplay, faking orgasms, and other issues that women have to deal with when having bad sex. (TW: sexual nature, mention of orgasms, mention of emotional manipulation) 

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