VIDEO: Reinventing Opera

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In this hysterical retelling of an Irish folktale, the Queen of the Banshees rips a young man away from his lady love because he was not able to please her sexually. Now his lover must set off on a journey to save him, while also fighting her own battle to decide if she truly loves him, or just the idea of him.

             Based on ancient Irish folklore, Midnight Court weaves together two tales: that of Aengus, God of Love, and Aibell, Goddess of the Banshees. Aibell steals men away from their marital beds and castrates them for not pleasing their wives adequately. Aengus just loves love! So when Aengus makes two humans, Rowan and Eabha, fall in love and get married, and Rowan fails to fulfill Eabha’s needs, Aibell and her banshees steal him away. Now, Eabha and Aengus must journey through Ireland to convince Aibell to give him back. It is a wet, wild, and wacky exploration of love, lust, romance, and partnership through mysticism and eroticism. 

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